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Season'sGreetings! (1)

Happy Holidays from Natural Insight!

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Natural Insight team!  

How Retailers are Thriving During the Holiday Chaos

It’s that time of year… Decorations are up, tacky sweaters are on, presents are beginning to appear under the tree, and shoppers are in stores crossing items off their lists. For retailers, this time of the year is both chaotic and critical. So, with all of the chaos, how do retailers ensure consistent execution, superior... More
Thank You - Grateful blog post

Giving Thanks & Giving Back

It’s time to reflect on the things that we are grateful for. At Natural Insight we are extremely thankful for the thousands of customers and employees working to improve retail and event operations. To show our gratitude, we are excited to announce the 2015 Natural Insight’s scholarship program! This program will recognize college students who... More
Retail Scholarship

Natural Insight Announces 2015 Scholarship for Future Retail Professionals

We have some exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the establishment of a new scholarship program that will recognize young students dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance store operations and consumer experiences in modern retail. This scholarship will give four University of Wisconsin-Madison students the opportunity to attend the annual Retail Merchandising and Marketing... More
the show must go on

The Show Must Go On for Experiential Marketing Agencies

Everyone has heard it before…the show must go on… But, what if it can’t? What if you don’t have the resources needed to go on? For experiential marketing agencies, having a creative and reliable staff is a combination for success. The key to managing that staff is innovative workforce management software. This software enables agencies... More
warby parker

Online Retailers Seeing Success in Brick and Mortar Locations

Warby Parker, a popular eyeglass retailer with a hipster feel and affordable process, has made a space for itself in the e-tail world. After years of success online, the company has moved on to brick and mortar. With eight locations in select neighborhoods around the United States, Warby Parker now offers consumers the ease of... More

The Truth About Those Scary Retail Campfire Stories…

There’s a lot of scary stories being told around the retail campfire about the end of the retail world. In case you haven’t heard them, here’s the gist… Online retailers are the villains. People want to shop online rather than in-store. The future of all shopping is online. The only way to avoid demise is... More
veterans day

Celebrating Veterans Day

Instead of blogging about workforce management, we wanted to take a minute to say thank you to those who have served our country. We know that freedom is never free and want to thank all of our veteran’s on this important day. However, as John F. Kennedy said,  ”As we express our gratitude, we must... More
plunger in toilet

Why Workforce Management Software is Like Bathroom Plumbing for Event Marketers

I was in Las Vegas last week attending the EventTech 2014 conference. In case you’re not familiar, the conference is billed as the world’s only conference and expo focused on using social media and technology to optimize experiential marketing events and trade shows. Attendees included more than 1,000 corporate event marketers mingling with hundreds of... More
baseball bases - NI

Covering the Bases in Retail is all About Execution

What does modern customer service mean? No, it’s not having robots hover around the stores with iPhones checking people out. It’s actually a lot more retro than that. It means meeting customer’s needs at a store level as well as online…even in the face of a growing omni channel market. There are more bases to cover,... More