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How Merchandising Reps Keep Track of Time

Here’s a story a lot of merchandisers are familiar with… Mary is a stay at home mom.  One day, after putting her kids on the school bus, she decides that she wants to make a little extra money.  So she logs into cloud based workforce management system to check and see if there are any... More
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Visual Verification

We are excited to share the first Weekly Insight video blog post aimed at providing useful workforce management tips! In this week’s post, Grant Gibbons, Natural Insight’s Senior Business Analyst discusses the importance of Visual Verification. Click on the picture below to view the video!
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Using Photos to Verify Retail Execution

We’ve all heard the statements “talk is cheap” and “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well… in retail, truer words were never spoken, especially when it comes to task execution. Having the option to easily and accurately assess and visually verify task execution at a granular level gives retailers the ability to hold each... More
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Tired of Herding Merchandising Cattle? Read This….

We are packing up our saddle bags and heading to Texas for the World Alliance for Retail Excellence and Standards’ Retail Merchandising and Marketing Convention (RMMC) where we’ll be showing off the brand new Natural Insight with our beautiful “iPhone-like” look and feel. To whet your appetite, we’ve included below a small example of our new... More
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Why Retail Operations Run Hot

In order to run smoothly, the engine that powers a successful retail operations must be balanced between two things: high-octane fuel to accelerate sales and premium motor oil to lubricate the supply chain. The fuel that drives sales is comprised of: Amazing products Competitive pricing Knowledgeable and motivated store associates Outstanding customer service The oil... More
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Why Knowing Your Workforce Is a Competitive Advantage for Experiential Marketers

Although some people think higher employee turnover is a good sign for the economy, I can guarantee you those people don’t work for experiential marketing or retail merchandising firms. With turnover rates as high as 67% for part-time employees — it is critical that agencies and staffing companies find ways to keep better tabs on their... More

Major Upgrades Revealed at User Conference Earn High Praise From Clients!

The conference is over and the feedback is in…. Clients love the latest Natural Insight features! Last week, merchandisers, product companies, event marketers, and retailers attended the third annual Natural Insight user conference in record numbers. Here’s a recap of some of the highlights from the conference: A sneak peek at the new features and... More
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Ready! Set! Go! Natural Insight’s Third Annual User Conference Starts Tomorrow

It’s almost spring in Washington D.C. (finally) and tomorrow is another big day for Natural Insight! We’re kicking off our third-annual users conference at the Washington Hilton and we’re expecting a packed house with record attendance. For any customers or partners unable to join us, we wanted to share a few tidbits in a blatant... More

Getting In-Store Labor Just Right: What Retailers and Goldilocks Have in Common

Let’s face it.  If you lead store operations for a modern day brick and mortar retailer then you have something in common with Goldilocks, the fairy tale character made famous by author Robert Southey. For starters, just like Goldilocks, you typically demand that things around you are done just right.  This is especially true when... More
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The Counterintuitive Truth of How Retailers Can Invest in Labor to Lower Costs and Improve Profits

Every once in a while you come across a simple idea that really forces you to stop and think…and then it makes you stop again and think some more. For me that happened just the other day when I purchased and read a copy of Zeynep Ton’s new book entitled The Good Jobs Strategy: How... More