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retail labor

The Changing Nature of Labor in Retail

When it comes to modern retail, there’s only one thing that makes the world go around…people. As store associates, merchandisers, brand ambassadors, and demonstrators, people are as important as ever. The people game, however, is changing… How they are hired, the hours they work, who they are working for, and even how they are being... More
Retail Shopping

Checking the Pulse on Retail in 2015

TimeTrade recently conducted a study of 1,029 consumers where participants were asked in-depth questions regarding their buying behavior and their individual shopping preferences and perceptions around retail shopping. The results revealed that traditional brick and mortar locations are relevant now more than ever before as customers are looking to the in-store experience to validate purchasing... More

EURPAC Service Inc Partners with Natural Insight

Today, we are excited to announce that EURPAC, a global provider of sales, marketing, and supply chain management services, has selected Natural Insight’s cloud-based software to assist in the management of its field based merchandising teams. EURPAC Inc. is an employee-owned distribution and marketing services company founded in 1951. Beyond US retail and internet fulfillment, EURPAC... More

Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference Highlights (at least the ones we can share)

This past week Natural Insight headed to Las Vegas for the World Alliance for Retail Excellence and Standard’s annual Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC). In case you didn’t make the trip to Sin City, here are some of the highlights… 1. Daymond John of Shark Tank gave an exciting and motivating opening keynote address.... More
Balancing Act

Predictive Labor Scheduling: Good for Retailers? Bad for Employees?

Target, Gap, and 11 other big retailers have been warned by Eric Schneiderman, New York’s Attorney General, that predictive scheduling practices may violate New York labor laws. Predictive scheduling allows retailers to balance labor costs with store traffic. Essentially, retailers can staff more bodies during peak hours and fewer bodies during non-peak hours. Here’s how... More
target fanny basket

Fanny Baskets & The Constant Evolution of the Consumer Experience

The world of retail continues to evolve… This week a Target sponsored post on BuzzFeed promoted the newly rolled out tool for improving the consumers’ experience….Fanny Baskets. You read that right… They are baskets that clip around the waist allowing for easy, hands-free shopping. It’s so convenient that it not only holds a shopper’s purchases,... More

Below-the-Line Marketing: How to Engage Consumers and Maximize Results

Yesterday we were honored to host a webinar with Hesham Shafie, CEO of Brand Momentum, Mark Feltham, Partner of Foresight Momentum, and Jesse Jones, President of TEN81 Lifestyle Inc. It was a great discussion regarding: The trend of marketing dollars moving below-the-line The art of creating authentic connections between brands and consumers The science of... More
washington dc

That’s a Wrap! Natural Insight Concludes 4th Annual User Conference.

Each spring, Natural Insight invites our valued customers, potential clients, and strategic partners to our annual user conference. This year we were honored to have more than 40 Natural Insight customers travel to Washington, DC to learn about current products, feature development plans, as well as network with their peers in merchandising, field marketing, and... More

Day 2 of Insight 2015

Engaging and interactive panel discussions, thought provoking keynote addresses and original research from leading analysts made day 1 of Insight 2015 a huge success. We are excited to kick off day 2 with a keynote address from EKN Research Analyst Sahir Anand. To follow the action, check us out on twitter – @naturalinsight #i2015 Or,... More
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Insight 2015 Starts Today!

It’s finally starting to warm up in Washington, DC and lucky for us, it’s just in time for Natural Insight’s 4th annual user conference! This year we are expecting more attendees than ever before, and we are especially excited to have two keynote speakers – Sahir Anand of EKN Research, and Chris Herb of LEGO.... More