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Lessons from Amazon: Why Reports About the Death of Physical Retail Are Exaggerated

If you read the popular press these days I am sure you’ve seen the significant doom and gloom projected toward traditional brick and mortar retail.  The so called pundits in the press forecasting the ultimate demise of physical stores. Clearly the big picture for physical retail is murky and significant challenges exist including: Too much space.  In... More

Flying Your Business Blind? See How Cloud-Based Workforce Management Software Can Help.

Air traffic controllers have a tough job. They have hundreds of flight patterns to manage and only one shot to get it right. Managers of remote and mobile workforces are a lot like air traffic controllers…they both have to be able to track and monitor many moving parts and react immediately when things go wrong.... More
tide goes out on beach

When it Comes to Retail Merchandising, are you Skinny Dipping?

Warren Buffett once said, “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” Well, in retail merchandising…the tide is out and some companies are getting caught trying to grasp the last few pieces of seaweed just to stay decent. Instead of racing to salvage their reputation, the world’s best companies are... More

What do Shakira’s Hips and Retail Merchandising Have in Common?

The wise and talented Shakira once sang “my hips don’t lie.” Well, much like Shakira’s hips…numbers don’t lie either. For world-class merchandisers, operational metrics and performance numbers can either tell a story of retail success, or one of failure. Reporting data is critical to merchandising success.  And, these days, everyone in the merchandising business produces reports. But... More
fight for 15

Fast Food Fight: Why Worker Satisfaction Is More Than Compensation

Fast food workers across the nation walked off their jobs on Thursday morning demanding what they consider to be a livable wage, $15.00. According to a Fight for $15 spokesperson, roughly 500 protesters from big named fast food giants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King have been arrested since Thursday. Protests are happening, people... More

Nasty Gal: Why Innovative Online Brands Embrace Offline Retail

Please don’t be confused by the title of this blog post. Nasty Gal is the fastest-growing online retailer in the country founded by fashion phenom Sophia Amoruso who began her career selling clothes on eBay.  In just five years, Ms. Amoruso has grown the brand into a huge online retailer with $100 million per year in sales of six-inch platform... More
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Managing Your Team: How Fantasy Football and Workforce Management are Alike

You’ve done the work, taken the time to draft the perfect team, and now it’s finally game day. The first question is: Who are you going to start? Aaron Rodgers, a proven player is an option…but against a top notch defense? Or, your backup (in a fantasy dream world) Drew Brees? Next question: Do you... More
2 cycle engine

Retail is a Two Cycle Engine: Why Task Management is Vital to Success

The engine that powers a successful retail business must be balanced between two things: high-octane fuel to accelerate sales and premium motor oil to lubricate the supply chain. The fuel that drives retail sales is composed of: Amazing products Competitive pricing Knowledgeable and motivated store associates Outstanding customer service The oil that lubricates the retail... More
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BYOD Update: California Employers Must Pay For Cell Phone Use By Employees

In the case of Cochran vs. Schwan’s Home Service, a California appellate court ruled yesterday that employers in that state must reimburse employees for any work related use of a personal phone. Now, the million dollar question is this:  How much exactly needs to be reimbursed? On this issue, the ruling is less than clear —... More
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How Workforce Management Software Improves Marketing, Sales, and Merchandising Programs.

Brand Momentum is an innovative experiential marketing, sales, and merchandising services agency based in Ontario, Canada. Supported by an experienced and talented team of sales and marketing professionals, Brand Momentum has a passion and reputation for consistently delivering superior marketing services that connect brands with consumers. “It’s a unique blend of talented people, expert processes and innovative... More