Proven Ingredients for Superior Retail Execution

The InStore Group is a national retail advisory and retail merchandising service company out of Pineville, North Carolina. Founded by Tom Palombo, the former owner of Merchandising Corporation of America (MCA), The InStore Group is led by an experienced and talented executive team with a passion for operational excellence and delivering outstanding results on behalf of clients.

“I’ve been in the merchandising business for many years and I’ve learned first-hand that superior retail execution requires great staff, excellent operations, and innovative technology,” said Tom Palombo.

As the foundation for The InStore Group was being developed, Tom knew that he had the right team and the right processes to build a solid merchandising business — but to become the best merchandiser in America, Tom also needed an innovative technology partner.  Specifically, Tom and his team needed a platform that could:

  • Enable operations managers to easily schedule retail associates based on skill and experience.
  • Quickly create and launch projects in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.
  • Provide automated routing and mileage reporting for traveling workers.
  • Utilize photos to visually verify when and how tasks are completed
  • Allow managers to share insightful reports with key clients quickly and easily.

After looking into every option, The InStore Group chose Natural Insight’s workforce management software.

“We selected Natural Insight because their technology does an amazing job of automating our scheduling, task management, time keeping, and reporting processes – which allows our management team to focus 100% of our energy on satisfying our clients,” said Palombo.

With Natural Insight, setting up projects now takes a fraction of the time that it used to.  The benefit is that managers are now free to focus more of their attention on growing the business.

And Tom’s workers?  They’re happy too.  Retail associates can easily see and accept work assignments and get to where they need to be with maximum efficiency.  Plus, they can track their time, execute tasks and visually verify results in real-time which results in superior merchandising and happy customers.

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